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Fraser Valley Cataract and Laser

(formerly Dr. Gabriel Chu-Eye Physician & Surgeon)
2190 W Railway St,
Abbotsford, BC V2S 2E2

Tel: 604-853-5575
Fax: 604-853-5596

If you are a referring office, please fax your referral to 604-853-5596. For your convenience, here is our referral form.  However, offices may use their own. 

Our Abbotsford Office is a general ophthalmology practice that accepts referrals for the following conditions.

  • LASIK/PRK Preoperative Consultations
  • Intraocular Collamer Lens (ICL) Consultations
  • Cataract Surgery and Intraocular Lens Implantation
    • (aspheric IOL, toric IOL, accommodating IOL, multifocal IOL)
  • Oculoplastics
    • Entropion and Ectropion Repair
    • Brow Lift
    • Ptosis Repair and Blepharoplasty
    • Tear duct prob and irrigation
    • Eyelid Lesion removal
    • Tarsorraphy
  • Cornea
    • Pterygium
    • Recurrent erosion
    • Inflamma-dry testing
  • Laser
    • Selective Laser Trabeculoplasty
    • Laser Peripheral Iridotomy
    • YAG laser capsulotomy
    • Laser Photocoagulation
  • Retina
    • Diabetes
    • Age-related Macular Degeneration
    • Vein Occlusions
  • Neuro-Ophthalmology
    • Botox for Blepharospasm and Hemifacial Spasm
  • Glaucoma
    • iStent



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