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These days, just about everyone spends at least some amount of time in front of digital devices such as TVs, computers, tablets and/or smartphones. Unfortunately, spending more time in from of a digital device can take a toll on the eyes. People who spend prolonged periods of time using a computer or other devices are at higher risk of experiencing symptoms of digital eye strain, including headaches, dry eyes, and blurry vision.

Fortunately, digital eye strain can be prevented by taking a few preventative measures. In this blog post, Drs. Joseph King and Gabriel Chu of Fraser Valley Cataract & Laser share the following quick and easy computer ergonomic tips to keep eyes healthy and happy.

  • Sit about 25 inches, or an arm’s length away from the computer screen. Make slight adjustments if needed; your eyes should be able to comfortably read the screen without having to squint or lean forward
  • Position your head, neck and back so they are upright and aligned with your torso
  • Position your computer screen so your eye gaze is slightly downward
  • If necessary, reduce screen glare by purchasing a matte screen filter
  • Upgrade to a LCD screen, which is easier on the eyes and comes with an anti-reflective surface
  • Adjust your computer screen’s brightness so it closely matches the brightness of the room
  • Avoid sitting directly below overhead lights and use floor lamps if possible
  • Avoid placing your computer screen directly in front of or behind windows
  • Exercise your eyes by following the “20-20-20” rule: stare at an object at least 20 feet away every 20 minutes for at least 20 seconds
  • Take frequent breaks from your desk. Stand up and stretch your arms, legs, back and neck to reduce muscle tension
  • Blink more often in order to moisturize your eyes (try blinking 10 times every 20 minutes)
  • Use artificial tears to refresh your eyes when they feel dry
  • Purchase a desktop humidifier to add moisture in the air and prevent the eyes from drying out
  • Speak to your eye doctor about modifying your eyeglasses prescription to create customized computer glasses

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