How to Choose Your LASIK Surgeon

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choosing a lasik surgeonIf you have made the decision to pursue LASIK surgery, your next step is choosing a LASIK surgeon you can trust. Choosing an experienced, highly-trained eye surgeon who specializes in LASIK procedures can ensure your surgery is a success. To help you with your search, the trusted vision experts at Fraser Valley Cataract and Laser have compiled this list of guidelines to consider when choosing a LASIK surgeon.

Board Certification

Your laser eye surgeon should be certified by the Royal College of Surgeons Canada and/or American Board of Ophthalmology. This ensures your ophthalmologist graduated from an accredited medical school, has completed specialized surgical training and passed rigorous examinations on their surgery knowledge. Board certification also means your surgeon is required to continue their education and training to keep up to date with the latest advances in LASIK surgery.


By choosing an experienced LASIK surgeon who performs the procedure regularly, you can rest assured your vision is in good hands. Your surgeon should have years of experience performing LASIK surgery and a high success record. In case of a rare complication, your surgeon should be well-trained in handling that complication. At Fraser Valley Cataract & Laser, our surgeons perform thousands of LASIK surgeries each year. They will be happy to tell you about the procedures they have performed.

Patient Referrals

Positive patient reviews and referrals are good signs of a trustworthy surgeon. Reading testimonials from former patients can also give you good insight on the entire medical staff’s demeanor. From the receptionist to the surgeon, a vision center’s staff should be professional, friendly and always have your best interest in mind.

Latest Laser Technology

To ensure safe, long-lasting results, a highly experienced LASIK surgeon should use only the latest laser technology and equipment. At Fraser Valley Cataract & Laser, our team of surgeons use only the most advanced and precise laser technology. Our team is well-trained in bladeless surgery, a safe and precise method used to cut the corneal flap during LASIK surgery. Our team also uses wavefront-guided excimer laser technology, to measure and correct sight abnormalities. To learn more about the laser equipment we use, contact one of our friendly staff members today.

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