The equation of age and LASIK

January 11th, 2018 | in Lasik |    0comments

If you are getting tired of wearing glasses, LASIK may be the perfect solution! It’s a simple, effective and safe procedure that will have you seeing clearly again.

But is there a right age to get LASIK? Is there an age where you can’t get LASIK?

First, if you are interested in LASIK, then you should go and see a qualified eye surgeon who’s performing LASIK. Talk to them about your options and they can make a more educated recommendation.

But here are a few simple suggestions that might help before you make that appointment:

LASIK for children and teens – Our surgeons do not recommend children getting LASIK because their eyes are still developing and growing. Since a child’s eyes are constantly changing shape, the surgery would probably be only a temporary solution and they would need to have it done again.

Getting rid of glassesLASIK for middle-aged people – Patients close to middle age will start experiencing presbyopia, which is when the lens become less flexible and reading glasses are usually prescribed. There are many treatment options available for prebyopia. Ask one of our specialists for more information.

LASIK for seniors – Patients with age-related conditions such as cataracts would not be good candidates for LASIK. Instead, cataract surgery may be the best option. There are modern premium lenses that reduce the need for glasses for distance, immediate & near vision.

If you’re interested in LASIK, regardless of age, take a look at our Free LASIK Info Kit. This should answer many of your questions and give you a greater understanding of what LASIK is. Then contact Fraser Valley Cataract & Laser and set up an appointment to see our team. We’d love to sit down with you and talk about your vision options for the future.

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