What are Istents and How we Use Them to Treat Glaucoma

July 10th, 2017 | in Glaucoma |    0comments

Do you know someone, friend or family or acquaintance, who has glaucoma? 

Although many people have heard of "glaucoma", not many know what it is and what are the new ways of treating it is currently.

Glaucoma is a slow deterioration in the optic nerve which is highly associated with high pressure inside the eye. The traditional way of treating glaucoma is with daily eyedrops. Recently, laser therapy known as SLT, has been effective. After that, a more major surgery called trabeculectomy or tube implant would be the next step, but it is fraught with complications and high failure rates. The newest surgery in treating mild to moderate glaucoma is by implanting Istents. These are the smallest implantable titanium implants for the human body. It is placed in the drainage angle of your eye to help with regulating the pressure. It is a much quicker and easier surgery which can be done in as little as five minutes. It stays in place forever in helping drain pressure buildup from the eye. 

Please ask your eye doctor or book a complementary consult with us to see if you may be a candidate for these new ways of treating your glaucoma.

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