What is Dry Eye and Do I Have it?

April 19th, 2017 | in Dry Eye |    0comments

Do you find yourself asking these questions?

“Why do my eyes look so red?”

“My eyes hurt after using my computer”

“Why do my eyes water a lot on windy days? I’m always carrying around tissue to wipe my tears.”

“I catch myself blinking a lot when watching tv”

“I’ve been told I have dry eye, but these drops don’t do anything for me!”

These are just a few of the comments that we hear from patients that suffer from dry eye. Redness, watering, pain, itching, and fluctuating vision are common symptoms of dry eye. Dry eye is more than just the need to have eye drops. It is an inflammatory disease of the tear film and ocular surface, with multifactorial symptoms that can make the diagnosis complicarted. Dry eye affects nearly 10% of the Canadian population, which in turn affects their quality of life.

It was previously thought that dry eye only occurred in individuals with certain conditions: diabetes, autoimmune disease, a vast (and ever growing) list of systemic medications or a prior eye surgery. With the increase in the amount of time now spent in front of electronic devices, there is a large increase in dry eye symptoms in healthy young adults and even teens.

With our current (and always updating) protocol, we can aid in substantially reducing and even eliminating your dry eye symptoms. Some of our treatment options include beaded warming masks, unpreserved lubricating eyedrops, tea tree oil wipes, potent Omega-3 supplements, punctal plugs, in-office eyelid gland uncapping/expression along with steam goggles.

Dry eye disease is much more common than we think. My quality of life also was affected with my evaporative dry eye. I was unable to wear contact lenses for prolonged periods of time. After a full day of examining eyes (and staring!) my eyes were stinging frequently when driving home. For the past few years however, my dry eye is currently well managed with the usage of unpreserved tears, daily Omega-3 supplements, and punctal plugs.

I am happy to assess your eyes and help you gain back a better quality of life along with better vision! 

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