Want to learn if LASIK is right for you? There are a number of factors that our surgeons and eye care professionals look at when examining prospective patients to determine their LASIK eligibility.

Laser vision correction may very well be able to treat your eye condition. Just over 50% of Canadians have some form of visual impairment so if you have one of the conditions outlined below, find out if the procedures we offer can correct your particular eye condition. You want to let go of wearing glasses or contacts—and we want to help you see the world with a fresh perspective.

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Choose the right Vision Correction Procedure.

How can I choose the right Vision Correction Procedure? If you wish a life without glasses or contact lenses, you have many great alternatives today thanks to recent developments in technology and medicine during the last 20 years making it easy to choose the right vision correction procedure. Almost everyone has the chance to do the correction to reduce their need for contact lenses or glasses or even get rid of them altogether. How can you decide which procedure meets your expectations?

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What is the Cost of LASIK?

Does LASIK Really Cost $490 Per Eye?

One of the most frequently asked questions about LASIK is: How much does it cost? We frequently see ads in the Greater Vancouver area that advertise LASIK starting at $490 per eye, which sounds great on the surface. What’s not immediately clear from the ads is what you actually end up paying when you add up additional fees and costs, or if you’re not a candidate for the basic LASIK surgery valued at $490 per eye. In this blog post, we’ll cover the benefits of LASIK and discuss the factors that affect your LASIK quote so you can see it’s more affordable that you may think.

At Fraser Valley Cataract and Laser, we offer LASIK and other vision correction procedures, such as PRK, ICLs, and RLEs. To keep it simple in this blog post, we’ll focus solely on the costs of LASIK.

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