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Dry Eye - Fraser Valley Cataract and Laser

Treatment may Include:

  • Eyelid cleansing: Antimicrobial cleansing using tea tree oil
  • Steam goggles: Eyelid warming device used in 10-minute sessions
  • Topical steroids: Used for a short duration to settle chronic inflammation
  • Cyclosporine drops: Used to treat chronic inflammatory dry eye
  • Preservative-free lubricating drops: To replenish, moisturize, and comfort the ocular service
  • Punctal plugs: Device inserted into tear ducts to prevent drainage of tears
  • Omega-3 supplements: Fatty acids to help build the lipid layer in the tear film
  • Tea tree oil wipes: Helps to manage inflammation
  • Tear osmolarity: Measures the osmolarity (saltiness) of your tears

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