At Fraser Valley Cataract and Laser, we have standardized pricing. Unlike other companies, our price does not fluctuate depending on the strength of your prescription.

Please ask us about our FVCL price guarantee. If you are comparing with other clinics, you can save yourself time, by listing all options such as PRK, LASIK (all laser LASIK), standard or custom treatment and options for postoperative care.

Pricing is established at your preoperative consultation. Our packages include a 5-year warranty, all post-operative visits, and Custom Wavefront Guided LASIK/PRK.

Pay no GST or PST ‐ Laser vision correction procedures are not taxable.

Provincial tax credit ‐ Please consult your financial advisor and/or your accountant to find out if you should claim your LVC procedure on your medical expenses when completing your tax return. Visit the Canada Revenue Agency website for more information.


We are committed to providing you an affordable financial plan so that freedom from glasses and contacts can be within reach! You can choose between $0 down and 0% for 12 months or spread the payments over 5 years for even lower monthly payments.

  • Quick application process and immediate approval.
  • No hidden upfront costs or administrative fees (if you wish to pay off the remaining amount before the term is finished, there are no additional costs).
  • Low monthly payments.

*Download PDF financing application then email it to us at info@fvcl.ca


LASIK is a one-time investment as you will no longer require purchasing glasses and/or contacts each year. Money that can be better spent enjoying life with clear vision!

Contact us today to see if you are a candidate so you can start enjoying your life with clear vision!



“From the consulation all the way through my PRK surgery, the staff were able to answer all my questions. They are very thorough with their pre-op information. I had no questions going into surgery. They pre book all follow up appointments so you don’t have to worry about a thing. Dr. King was very approachable and answered any burning questions I had. Would definitely recommend them!”

Dawnlea S.

“All of the staff at Fraser Valley Cataract & Laser were professional, competent, approachable and helpful. They were able to accommodate my schedule when booking appointments. I was always taken on time and each procedure was carefully explained. I felt very comfortable with the entire experience and had complete trust in their ability. They met or exceeded my expectations and I’m delighted with my result.”

Susan B.

“Amazing staff! Every member of the staff made each part of my experience more comfortable. Staff members were very knowledgeable and answered all my questions as well as told me what to expect with PRK. I am very happy with my experience and would definitely recommend Fraser Valley Cataract and Laser to others!”

Chris M.