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Orbscan Corneal Topography Technology - Fraser Valley Cataract and Laser


The first step to safe and effective laser vision correction is screening with premium equipment. Fraser Valley Cataract and Laser uses the Orbscan® corneal topography system by Bausch & Lomb, the highest quality diagnostic system providing comprehensive and customized corneal analysis. This system is one of many diagnostic tools we use to determine if a patient is a candidate for LASIK surgery.

  • The Orbscan® provides a 3 dimensional map of your cornea by measuring the shape, thickness, and health of both the front and back surfaces of the cornea. (Conventional topography systems only map the front surface of the cornea)
  • The Orbscan® precisely screens for corneal issues such as thin corneas, irregular astigmatism or disorders such as keratoconus, where LASIK can jeopardize the health of the eye. These patients may be deemed non-candidates but may be eligible for alternative vision correcting treatments that are offered at Fraser Valley Cataract and Laser.
  • Corneal thickness is vital in determining your suitability for LASIK as there needs to be sufficient thickness to create a flap. The Orbscan takes the thickness measurement from the entire cornea, not just from a single point, eliminating the possibility of missing a thin point which contributes to greater safety.
  • The measurements are taken quickly and painlessly without touching the cornea.

f you have any questions or concerns during your consultation about the diagnostic equipment, our knowledgeable and caring staff will be glad to answer them for you.

For superior care you can have confidence in, contact Fraser Valley Cataract and Laser today (link) for a consultation with experienced LASIK professionals.

Cataract Surgery


As your eye recovers from surgery, it is normal to have light sensitivity, slight blurriness, tearing, and a gritty or irritated feeling in the eye. These side effects take 1 – 2 weeks to subside. There is usually a slight period of adjustment to the artificial lenses but it is relatively short. Your vision may continue to adjust over several weeks to months.

Wear your protective eye shield at night for a week after surgery. During the day, you can wear sunglasses or your normal glasses to protect the treated eye. Use the eye drops as per the schedule we provide until we advise otherwise. Avoid getting your eyes wet, dirty environments, or heavy lifting for the first 2 weeks.

We will provide follow up appointments in the following weeks to make sure your eyes are healing properly.

One in 10 patients develops scar tissue behind their intraocular lens, which causes blurry vision. This is easily treated with a procedure called a YAG capsulotomy, in which a laser is used to break up scar tissue that forms after surgery. The YAG capsulotomy is painless and takes only a few minutes.

Schedule a Consultation with Our Team

To learn more about cataract surgery, the lens packages we offer, or YAG capsulotomy, please schedule a consultation with our team. Contact Fraser Valley Cataract & Laser at 604-372-(EYES) 3937 today.

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