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3on Google,Apr 15, 2019


After my last post which was not favourable, I was immediately contacted by Fraser Valley and was offered another appointment to see if there was anything that could be done to address my concerns. After discussion with Michele I did make another appointment, saw the Dr. That's when I was given information and answers that I hadn't received after my procedure. I was also offered and accepted a corrective procedure, at Fraser Valley's expense. I appreciate the speed and care shown, and look forward to dealing with this office now that I know the options and expectations available. I hope to write a much better review after the corrective procedure has been done.

5on RateMDs,Apr 15, 2019


Not really too sure if this is the website used to just bash this doctor, but I was shocked to see so many poor reviews! I was asked to see if I could offer an honest review of my experience here with Dr. Chu. How did you essentially save my life. It was mannerism growing in the middle of my circular arteries. I saw several doctors who Couldn’t figure out why I was losing my vision until Dr. chu found out and had me see your neurosurgeon to have it clipped immediately before it ruptured. I believe this is why am still alive and why I still have most of my vision recovered today. He’s super busy and there is usually a 1 hour wait, but he knows his medicine very well. The girls in the office are very efficient. I’m in coming here for eight years and I have no complaints whatsoever. Quality doctor!

5on Google,Apr 04, 2019


I had a stye removed this morning by Dr Chu. He is incredibly good at what he does. Great bedside manner. Very gentle and quick. All around a very positive experience. Thank you Dr Chu.

5on Google,Jan 29, 2019


I had a great experience here! Dr. King and Dina are both great and very informative. They made sure I was comfortable and okay the whole time. Getting lasik done was probably one of the best decisions I have made and FVCL made it an even better decision. All of the staff I interacted with were very kind and welcoming except for the receptionists who seem like they do not even want to talk to you, however, that was the only downside of my experience. I would recommend this place to anyone considering vision correction.

4on Google,Dec 19, 2018


Overall, my experience was fantastic. I had my laser eye surgery one week from today. Dr. King performed the surgery and he was helpful and answered any questions I had. If there is one person I want to give 5 stars to, though, is Dina Pharand. She went above and beyond and was very kind, probably the main reason I went back for my followups. If there is anything negative I'd have to say is Dr. Chiam's behaviour. He speaks to you in a very condescending and downright sarcastic fashion and for this reason alone I changed all my future followups to the Abbotsford location.

5on Google,Nov 19, 2018


Dr. Darren Payne is a very qualified opthamologist. He has been treating me for several months for sudden vision loss in one eye due to Temporal Arteritis. His diagnostic skills and treatment protocols were very effective so far. He has been diligent in his continued care and follow up treatment. We are very fortunate to have him as my opthamologist. The office staff has also been very helpful to us over these very stressful months.

5on RateMDs,Nov 05, 2018


Great staff, took a while to see the doctor but that just shows he is highly skilled and sought after. Thanks for everything

Recommendedon Facebook,Aug 29, 2018


The staff were friendly and accomodating and Dr. King who did the surgery on both my eyes was a terrific guy. He took the time to explain and made me feel very relaxed about what was going to happen. I was treated very well during the before appointments and follow-ups . This office is professional and I would recommend Fraser Valley Cataract and Laser to anyone and everyone.

5on Google,Aug 13, 2018


I could not be happier with Fraser Valley Cataract and Laser – I needed Cataract Surgery and had always had poor vision with astigmatism. I chose to have cataract surgery along with having toric monofocal lenses implanted to correct my vision. Dr. Chu and Dr. King were both very professional and skilled and although I was apprehensive – they were able to calm my fears. The rest of the staff were very helpful as well. There was no pain, just very slight discomfort at the time of surgery and no problems after surgery. The end result is 20/20 vision for the first time in many years. I can see distance, as well as read closeup and I even have great computer vision. I had given up driving at night as I simply couldn’t see well enough – but now I can see! I’m thrilled to be able to see details that I never saw before with corrective lenses and to be able to see the world clearly the minute I wake up. Thanks Dr. Chu and Dr. King!

5on Google,Jul 10, 2018


Nice Reception waiting area! Staff are professional and organized.

5on RateMDs,Jul 10, 2018


My first cataract surgery was done at a private clinic and the pain during surgery was excruciating as I have a problem with freezing. My second surgery was performed by Dr.Chu. I discussed my freezing problem prior to surgery, and Dr.Chu with his great knowledge was able to operate with almost no pain. My eyesight even the same day was great even better than I expected. Wonderful experience!

4.80000019073on RateMDs,Jun 26, 2018


I’ve been seeing Dr Chu for many years and am always impressed with his knowledge and professionalism. It’s a busy office and the staff are helpful, friendly and professional. Recently I had Upper Blepharoplasty. Pre and post process Dr Chu provided detailed explanations of the procedure, what to expect and do for my recovery. The procedure was quick and painless with an easy recovery. I am extremely happy with the results, and still am talking about how this has improved my field of vision. A minor procedure has made huge difference for me. Thank you.

4on Google,Jun 22, 2018


Going to king lasik was one of my best decisions, got rid of my glasses in no time and the follow up check ups made sure i get what i paid for, today after one year of my lasik i am so happy with my 20/20 eyesight

4.80000019073on RateMDs,Jun 13, 2018


I have been Dr. Chu's patient since he has been in Abbotsford. I find him to be very professional, highly skilled and straight to the point in his treatment of my glaucoma. The staff are great and I have always been treated respectfully. Yes, his office is very busy; Yes, his practise is growing; Yes, you sometimes have to wait (especially if he is on call with the hospital). That is the price one pays for excellent vision care! Speaking to that, in 2015 I was advised that I had cataracts in both eyes. In addition to having the replacements, Dr. Chu also recommended that I have 'iStent' insertion done at that same time. The iStent could effectively control the pressure in each eye. Having regulated eye pressure is key in treating glaucoma. The other benefit is that the iStents could either reduce or eliminate my need to use pressure reducing eye drops (in my case 2-3 times a day). I elected to have the iStent insertion and can say that they are a game changer! My eye pressures have been consistently great since the surgery AND! No more drops! None! Zero! I don’t miss them at all! The surgery itself inclusive of the cataract replacement took about 15 minutes (my surgeries were 6 weeks apart). I will tell you that it was worth every penny I had to pay to have the iStents inserted (I could also write it off on my income taxes!) If you are considering the iStent my advice is to get it done.