For the best and safest laser eye surgery possible, why not take advantage of a system that combines the most advanced technologies in the industry? CustomVue™ Technology is a marriage of two innovative technologies: the Wavefront Diagnostic System and the VISX® STAR S4 Laser System. Using the Wavefront Diagnostic System your Fraser Valley Cataract and Laser surgeon will map each of your eyes to obtain a custom prescription as individual to you as a fingerprint. Your surgeon then will use the advanced VISX® STAR S4 Laser System to correct your vision precisely to that prescription for maximum vision improvement.

CustomVue™ treatment provides lasting correction that exceeds anything possible with glasses or contacts. FDA clinical studies of the CustomVue™ vision correction system found that one year after CustomVue™ treatment 98% of the participants could see 20/20 or better. One hundred percent of the participants could see 20/40 or better, and four times as many participants reported improved night vision over glasses or contacts. Indeed, Fraser Valley Cataract and Laser’s CustomVue treatment is just one example of how our surgeons are committed to providing the safest and superior laser eye surgery available in North America.


  • Wavefront Guided Treatments: AMO-VISX laser systems has the widest approval by the FDA for Wavefront-guided treatments. Wavefront-guided treatments are proven to provide superior vision and decreased night glare.
  • Variable Spot Beam Technology: Variable-shaped beams ranging in size up to 10 millimeters are scanned and offset to allow personalized refractive treatments. Exclusive Smart Beam technology adjusts beam size according to the treatment, minimizing corneal tissue removal.
  •  ActiveTrak 3-D Active Eye Tracking: The only laser system that can capture all three dimensions of intra-operative eye movements without the requirement of pupillary dilation.
  • Larger Ablation Zones: VSS (Variable Spot Scanning) technology adds a blend zone that increases the ablation zone and increases the overall diameter of the ablation up to 10 millimeters.
  • Iris Registration: IR realigns the treatment profile during surgery to correspond to even minute changes in each patient’s eye rotations or pupil shifts.
  • Smoothest Ablations: AMO-VISX laser systems produce some of the smoothest corneal surfaces post-treatment. Smoother ablations, as they are known, promote faster healing and less dry eye, resulting in better vision.
  • Optimized Night Vision: AMO-VISX laser systems achieve ideal optical zones that result in reduced problems with night vision.
  • Optimized Procedure Speed: AMO-VISX laser systems require a shorter procedure time compared to other broad beam lasers. Rapid treatments enhance patient comfort and may reduce the risk of postoperative complications.
  • Dependability and Performance: The AMO-VISX STAR platform’s heritage of dependability and performance is well recognized in the industry.

These unique features provide fast, safe, and precise treatment while minimizing corneal tissue removal and reducing the likelihood of night vision problems. Additionally, because the VISX® S4 removes the least amount of corneal tissue, this laser system can effectively be used for vision correction patients who were not previously considered candidates for LASIK surgery due to thin corneas, without compromising the safety of the patient.

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